Wednesday, April 22, 2009

May Day Block Party!

MAY DAY 2009

This May Day, Friday May 1st, the Cream City Collectives and Milwaukee Network for Social Change will be hosting a block party at the CCC (Clarke & Fratney) that will begin at 4pm.

There will be a really really free market (where everything is free!) and musical performances, as well as other fun and games.

Music by: Dead Friends, Half Gorilla, Froseph, Versus the West, Dead Issue, and more.

Before the block party, some friends from Winona are coming to do a presentation/discussion on anti-authoritarian organizing with our neighbors. The aim of the discussion is to identify ways that we can work with neighbors in Milwaukee who don't call themselves anti-authoritarian and ways that we can build momentum with neighbors around the Midwest who do. Starts at 2 o'clock.