Sunday, August 23, 2009

new website

well, it's time for a new website. Sorry for those who have followed us here from the myspace but please bear with us! We're moving because neither that site nor this one gives us the flexibility we need to organize the projects we want to make heppen. Thus, we're in the process of migrating to:
and we're looking for input on the site's content. A couple volunteers added some preliminary stuff about the CCC and its projects. We'll tweak the format and visuals over time, but we'd love some feedback about the content of the descriptions. What are we missing? Where have we mis-represented things? What is dumb? What do you think is nice?

Leave comments under the section you want to talk about. There's no need to register to leave comments.

We're hoping to launch this "officially" in the first week of september so leave those comments soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009


The Presentation: a forty five minute two-person play, to be performed surrounded in close quarters by an intimate audience on the same floor level. A chair. A gun. A radio. Two actors.

The Exposition, in the form of a fictional news report:
A member of the US delegation has been kidnapped. Police are currently out in force searching for the missing delegate and his abductors. The delegate was captured at the airport en route to the new global trade negotiations. Similar actions were attempted around the world. This appears to be a decentralized global effort by a network of highly sophisticated terrorist groups. Sources say that the organizations are domestic anti-globalization groups, hoping to shut down the negotiations by kidnapping the negotiators. The possibility that they are operating- perhaps unwittingly, under command or in coordination with Islamic terrorist groups like Al Queda has not be ruled out. Only the attack on the US delegation was successful. A replacement delegate is already en route to the talks, which will commence on schedule.

Fri August 14, 8pm
with Lucky Bone, Dear Astronaut

Sat August 15, 8pm
with Andrew the Red, A Herd of Kittens

Saturday, August 1, 2009


COME to the August Really Really Free Market (RRFM)

Imagine a neighborhood rummage sale where people from around town brought a load of the nice things they no longer needed. Imagine a lot full of useful stuff, gently used clothes, and all the random things you could never find in stores anyway. Now, imagine you can take any of it for free!

It's not a fantasy, it's happening in garden park on August 9th from 10-4pm but it'll be nothing without you. Without you coming to bring something or take a bunch of stuff away, it'll just be another Sunday in the park. Consider this a modest challenge! When we have no control over the economy and sometimes whether we can keep a job or our homes, can we organize ourselves to materially support each other?

So, raid the closets, scour the basement, empty the attic one of these cool summer days. Tell your friends and neighbors to do the same and we'll see you there!

More on Really Really Free Markets

On another note, please forgive our patchy open hours in the first week of August, some of our volunteers are out of town. We're always looking for people to plug in and pick up shifts or take responsibility for one of the collectives. More on this soon. Comment here or stop in if you're interested in improving the CCC.