Friday, July 10, 2009

Write to Dave! - Saturday 7/18 3-5pm

Our friend Dave was sentenced earlier this week to 90 days in the ramsey county workhouse on trumped up charges stemming from the republican national convention last september. This Saturday 7/18, at our regular letter writing potluck, we're aiming to write him a boatload of notes and letters, drawings, puzzles, and whatevers to show our support. Dave is only allowed twenty minutes of visiting time per week through a video screen and no personal contact is allowed. Letters, notes, drawings make a huge difference and connect us to our friend while the state attempts to isolate us from each other.

If you've never met him, stop in and we'll tell you just how charming he is. If you haven't come to a letter writing saturday yet, please do stop in between 3-5pm on the 18th for a handful of minutes to make several days of Dave's that much better. We'll take care of the postage.

Want to write from home? Send your letters to:

David Terrence Mahoney
297 S. Century Ave
St. Paul, MN 55119

We love you Dave!

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