Thursday, July 9, 2009

Madison--------------> <--------------Milwaukee Bicycle Adventure & Trading Post

A Bike trip & trading post has been planned. It's leaving July 10th and will go through the 12th with two nights of camping!!!! Madison crew is leaving at 9am from our capital and will be eager to meet up. Milwaukee is not traveling as a group so don't hesitate to start your own. From MKE, head west and link up with the Glacial Drumlin Trail. The trail costs a few bucks to self-register and camping might cost a few as well. Print a Map. Its rumored the post will be around Lake Mills. Contact one of the folks below for more info.

Bring goods, FOOD, art, plants, or anything you'd like to trade with people from Madison and Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE: either claire (414 736 0693)or Doug (414 336 4208)
MADISON: madison infoshop (608 262 9036)
hope to see you all and your bicycles there
Thanks so much to our Mad Friends for setting these trips up!

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